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Yellow onions class I en II

This page contains a selection of our first-class quality yellow onions. All onions are hand-picked. We can provide every sorting between 25 and 105 mm, but the sortings shown below are a few standard sortings. All our products meet the highest quality requirements and are available with GlobalGAP-certificate (on request). If you have any questions about our product, feel free to contact us.

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Small Size (35-50 mm)

Gele Uien
Size: 35-50mm Class: I

Beautiful sorting of small onions with a clear skin and excellent hardness. This sorting is very much recommended for customers that demand high quality.
Rode Uien
Size: 35-50mm Class II

Small sized onions, fit for delivering to various overseas destinations. Please contact us if you are especially interested in beautiful, round shaped, small onions for Asia, or if you want to have a very nice product for West African countries. Selected products with good sprout consistency and an attractive price-quality ratio. A product that you can trust!
Medium Size (40-60 mm)

Gele Uien
Size: 50-60mm or 50-70mm Class: I

First Class Quality Onions that are specially qualified for pre-packing. Especially cultivated for nice color, good hardness and excellent sproutrest. Due to the use of very uniform hybrid cultivars with a first-rate reputation, continuity can be guaranteed year round. Standard available with GlobalGAP certification. Each year, we deliver more than 12,000 tonnes of excellent class I onions of these middle and large sizes.
Rode Uien
Size: 40-60, 45-65, 50-60 of 50-70mm Class: II

Class II onions from selected hybrid cultivars, which are qualified for far destinations such as Asia, West Africa and the Caribbean Islands, as well as Russia. Monie focusses on quality instead of quantity. Therefore, our class II product is a top selection of the Dutch Quality Onions. Excellent quality traits of this selected onions ensure that the product can make a long trip around the world. A quality product which you can trust!
Big Size (60-80 mm)

Gele Uien Grof I
Size: 60-80mm Class: I

A top selection of Dutch Onions! Our business card which we gladly show! This product is grown in close co-operation with a selected group of farmers with many years of experience. Because of that experience it is possible to focus on absolute top quality, from field to consumer! This product is standard available year round.
Gele Uien Grof II
Size: 60-80mm Class: II

The sister of the Monie Onion Class I quality. Although, the color of this product is less beautiful than our class I Onions, you can send this product with confidence to customers all over the world. This product is very popular within the European market, as well as in the USA and Canada. The price-quality ratio is unique.
Super Size (80-105 mm)

Gele Uien Super I
Size: 75-105mm Class: I

Just like our other class I products, the super size First Class Quality Onions of Monie are a very durable product! The use of high quality hybrid cultivars and an extreme verified cultivation and storage is rather unique in the world! Due to a very strict quality selection by our employees with many years of experience, you can expect an excellent product, with a great skin consistency.
Gele Uien Super II
Size: 75-105mm Class: II

The largest size of the class II quality in our assortment. This product is also very popular within the European and Northern American market.
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