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Red onions class I en II

This page contains a selection of our first-class quality red onions. Every onion is hand-picked. We can provide every sorting between 25 and 105 mm, but the sortings shown below are a few standard sortings. All our products meet the highest quality requirements and are available with GlobalGAP-certificate. If you have any questions about our product, feel free to contact us.

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Middle Size (40-60 mm)

rode Uien
Size: 40-60mm or 50-60mm Class: I

Beautiful class I Quality Onions with a excellent skin consistency and a fine color. It is possible to deliver this product with a GlobalGAP certificate. This product has a more vivid color and a more consistent skin than the class II quality. Therefore, this product is very suitable for pre-packing. This product is not always available. Please contact us for possibilities.
Rode Uien
Size: 40-60mm Class: II

This product has a less consistent skin than the Red Onions of class I quality. The price-quality ratio is very favourable for delivering to the Caribbeans. For clients in European countries with slightly higher quality requirements it might be better to use class I quality Red Onions. We use the same cultivars for class I and class II quality. Therefore plant traits such as color, hardness, "double centers" and a red color inside the product are equal. The difference between class I and class II Red Onions is due to environmental conditions, agricultural practice and storage techiques.
Big Size (60-80 mm)

rode Uien Grof I
Size: 60-80mm Class: I

Absolute Top Quality in the assortment of red onions! This product is not always available. This hand selected TOP product is GlobalGAP certified. If you want to have these certificates digitally, please contact us. In brief, this is a result of very intensive cultivation, storage and processing from seed to the final product! Due to a close co-operation between growers and Monie and many years of expierence, we can guarantee a beautiful product.
rode Uien Grof II
Size: 60-80mm Class: II

A well known product from our assortment red onions. Although, this product is more and more substituted by the class I Red Onion, because the class I red onions looks more favorable and is of slightly higher quality. Nevertheless, this is a product you can trust! Reliability to your customers with excellent products is very important. This product has a good worldwide reputation. Sustainability, traceability and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) are keywords for this product.
Super Size (80-105 mm)

rode Uien
Size: 75-105mm Class: I

The Super Size Red Onions of class I quality have an improved skin consistency as opposed to the class II quality. This product is also not always available. Please contact us if you are interested in these First Class Quality Onions.
Rode Uien
Size: 75-105mm Class: II

The largest sorting from our red onions assortment of class II quality. Because of our focus on First Class Quality Onions, we select the best cultivars with an excellent skin consistency. Therefore we can deliver a product with a great hardness and a beautiful red color in the center of the onion. This product is not always available. Please contact us for more information.
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