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Monie has its own fleet of trucks to transport the onions from the field or from onion storages of growers. Our own truck drivers with more than 25 years experience in transport of onions guarantee that the product is transported very carefully. Harvesting of onions and transport directly from the field generally takes place with our own tractors. These tractors are also driven by own employees who have affinity to the product. The tractors are also used to transport the onions in the proximity of Monie. During the recent expansion of Monie, we moved the sorting- and packaging-compartment to another hall to create more space for the supply of onions. Because of the altering of the intern logistics, the supply of onions happens more quiet and much more efficient.Aanvoer

When the harvested onions are stored, the onions are immediately conditioned in computer-controlled drying facilities. Carefully drying of the product is very important to obtain the First Class Quality. We try to harvest the onions "green" to keep the outer skins from the field. After drying, the outer skins are released during processing, and a very nice colored onion remains: the Monie First Class Quality Onion!

Monie has a storage capacity of approximately 4,500 tonnes. Monie also has a cold store where 500 tonnes can be stored in boxes, at a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius. Because of these facilities, we can supply onions of excellent quality till May\June. Drogen

After conditioning of the harvested onions, the leaf and root parts which are not removed during harvesting are cut off by a "onion topper machine". This process generates an organic rest product of dried leaf parts and outer dry onion skins, which are composted. Directly after cutting off the root and leave remains, a first quality control takes place. Rotten bulbs and clods are removed. Mostly the onions are stored in boxes, but if they are ready to be processed the onions go to the sorting- and packing-compartment directly via a conveyer. To make the onion topper machine work more continously we placed a storage bin with a 3000 kg capacity. Afstaarten

All common sortings (pickles (28-40 mm), small size (35-50 mm), middle size (40-60 mm, 45-65mm, 50-60mm en 50-70mm), big size (60-80 mm) and super size (75-105 mm)) can be obtained and packed. Of course other sortings are also possible, please contact us and ask for the possible sortings. In consultation we try to make your wishes reality! Because of the spacious possitioned sorting- and packing-compartment and the big capacity of the sorting-machine we can prepare the orders very quickly. Packing different kinds of onions at the same time is also possible due to the presence of two storage bins. Sorteren

The different sortings and quality classes are selected by competent employees. They have many years experience in selection of a First Class Quality Onion. All employees are familiar with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Food Safety.
Monie has also a Tracking and Tracing System so that all products can be traced from consumer to farmer. If you are interested in cultivation registrations about use of fertilizers and pesticides on the products, please contact us. Kwaliteitscontrole

After the sorting and selection the onions are mostly packed in bags or bigbags directly. The machines procuced by ERC Machinery and Symach are co-operating perfectly to pack the onions properly. Verpakken

Monie has its own loading dock for trucks very close to the sorting & packing compartment. This loading dock is very spacious and fully equipped with the nessecary facilities. Monie is located very close to the harbour of Vlissingen wich affords benefits when the onions have to be transported overseas. Verladen

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